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Bill Tubin, Innovator

Innovative design

Hi, my name is Bill Tubin, and I am the inventor of Solergy Sunglasses, the only sunglasses in the world that actually blocks the sun from your eyes providing total solar protection.

For too long I have seen people shield their eyes from the powerful blinding glare of the sun while wearing common sunglasses.

Solergy Sunglasses are an effective, innovative, and stylish means of protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of sun glare. Our patented visor technology helps you to enjoy your outdoor activities without interruptions from bright sun glare.


The Solergy Story

Regardless of the brand, style, size and color, all sunglasses, currently, work the same way. The lenses provide the only protection and comfort from the sun. A customer in an optical store tried on a very attractive pair of sunglasses. He looked in the mirror and was very pleased with the way the sunglasses looked on his face. He purchased the sunglasses and left the store wearing them. He was immediately blinded by the intense bright glare of the overhead sun. When he brought his hand up to shield his eyes, he realized that his hand was the missing ingredient; the sun visor.

This is the actual event that was the catalyst for the creation of "The Visor Edge." This is my story. I am Bill Tubin, and I created our patented sun protection system; the only sunglasses that keeps the sun out of your eyes, while maintaining your vertical field-of-view.

About Solergy Anti-Glare Sunglasses

TAC Polarized Lenses
Our Triacetate Cellulose (TAC) Lenses are polarized, impact-resistant, lightweight, scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection for your eyes. They are not guaranteed unbreakable against impact like industrial safety glasses. These lenses will greatly reduce glare reflected off objects in the bright sun.

See the difference

In bright sun and snow the glare is intolerable. The difference is obvious. High quality polarized lenses combined with the Visor Edge and our close-to-the-face frame design provide complete protection for your eyes.

If you require prescription sunglasses see your optometrist about fitting prescription lenses to the Solergy System frame.