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The Solergy Concept

Sunglasses: Eyeglasses with tinted or polarizing lenses that protect the eyes from the sun's glare. Visor: The projecting front brim of a cap or adjustable headband to shade or protect the eyes.

Synergy: The action of two or more substances to achieve an effect of which each is individually incapable.

Solergy: "The Visor Edge" provides sunglasses with a patented visor system that protects the wearer from the overhead glare which ordinary sunglasses can not block. It also provides very effective frontal glare protection. The combination of our visor technology with innovative sunglasses design is the synergy that is Solergy.

How many times have you gone from indoor artificial light to outdoor blinding sunlight? Your first instinct is to immediately bring your hands up, as a shield, over your eyes. Not only are you blinded, but, it's a painful experience. Our patented visor system will not only reduce the discomfort from overhead bright sunlight, it will eliminate it. The bright sunlight does not make contact with your eyes, as it does with all other ordinary sunglasses. Our sunglasses provide the absolute best protection and comfort for your eyes and the sensitive skin around them.

Designed & Engineered

Our computer-designed visor system and UV blocking lenses shield your eyes and the sensitive skin around your eyes. The vertical field of view is not obstructed and there is no visor lift in strong wind conditions*.

The inside edge of the visor should touch your forehead in order to prevent sun light leakage. When the sun is low in the sky, during sunrise and sunset, simply tilt your head down in the direction of the sun and the visor blocks the sun out. Sun glare can also be eliminated, or greatly reduced by tilting your head in the direction of the glare; center, left, or right.

With our patented visor sunglasses we created a superior product that everyone can afford. This is the ultimate in fashion and performance, for a fraction of the cost of the big name brands. Everyone needs the best protection from the sun's harmful rays. Solergy Sunglasses, double protection. Get the edge, The Visor Edge of sun protection!

Note for Prescription eyeglass wearers

Ask your eye care professional if your prescription is compatible with our Solergy frame. Ask your eye care professional if you need to adjust the temples in case of tight or loose fit.


TR90 Nylon Frame, Temples & Visor

Engineered to provide a very lightweight, exceptionally strong construction that is extremely rugged, holding its shape in hot or cold environments. Designed for a close fit to the forehead they keep the sun's glare from coming in behind the frame. Designed with active lifestyles in mind they are perfect for most non-contact sports or general wear.

Designed for Medium Fit

Most people will find the close fit of Solergy Sunglasses provides near perfect protection from the sun's glare. The wrap-around lens design provides maximum protection with maximum peripheral vision.